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Food from Around the World
Tortilla Espanola
A special Spanish omelette made of potatoes, eggs, and onions.
Chinese FortuneCookies
Are these treats with a message really Chinese?Colombia
Guineo, a typical Colombian food
Fanesca, a tasty dish from Ecuador
El Salvador
Pupusas, a staple food in El Salvador
Hong Kong
Peking Roast Duck, a savory Chinese dish
Nikujaga, a special dish from Japan
Kim-Chi, an important food for Koreans
Tacos, a popular Mexican Food
Plov, a rice and mutton dish
Hayacas, a special Venezuelan dish
Rice Balls
Chiemi Burgess

Papua New Guinea
Sweet Sago Dumpling
Susan Collier

Kaima Bona Gatoi
Chile Sweet Potato
and Eggplant Crisp
Rachel Smith

The Philippines
Bola Bola
Meat Balls
Alicia Clark

Raw Fish
Rowena Kreuzer

Pansit Canton
White Noodles
Rose Owen

Sticky Rice
Rose Owen


Kimchi, a Famous
Korean Dish
Hyo Chol Kwak
from Korea

Arepas, a Favorite
Venezuelan Food
Jennifer Risso
from Venezuela

Feijoada, a Tasty
Brazilian Dish
Joselia Muoz
from Brazil
Silig, a Delicious
Saudi Arabian Dish
Alaa Al-Dahlawi
from Saudi Arabia
Quiche Lorraine, a
French Speciality
Antoinette Fert
from France



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