Welcome to our first inter-district monster exchange!

  Sixth grade students in both the Eleanor Van Gelder School and the Leonia Middle School created original monsters in a computer drawing program. Then, they wrote detailed descriptions of their monsters.  The written descriptions were exchanged, and each student drew a second monster based on the written description he/she received.  Clicking either "Edgewater" or "Leonia" above will bring you directly to the original works from that district along with their redrawings.
The thumbnail pictures of each monster can be enlarged.
We hope you enjoy viewing the results.



Bubbly.jpg (16249 bytes)

Bubbly, by Alice
My monsters name is Bubbly. He has a light blue cloud-shaped head and a medium blue cloud-shaped body about twice as big as his head. My monster has two antennas on top of his head. The antennas are light gray squiggly lines with a gray circle on top. Each antenna has another two antennas on top of it. These two antennas look like dark blue letter "Vs" on each antenna. They also have dark blue circles on top of them. My monsters eyes are neon green circles with a dot in the middle of the circle. My monster has a very thin flattened oval nose which is red. The monsters mouth is a light pink long oval. The arms are the same color gray as the antennas. They are slightly curved down. They each also have a gray circle on the end where a hand should be. The gray is the same as the arms. The arms are painted like spray paint, but the ends (the circles) are solid gray. The legs and feet are light yellow. The legs and feet also have a spray paint texture.

Bubbly-RD.jpg (22587 bytes)
cannibal bowling.jpg (50386 bytes)

Cannibal Bowling, by Tracey
My monsters name is Cannibal Bowling. Her body looks basically like a girls body. You can see from her head down to her stomach. There is no belly button on it. She has multi-colored paintbrush and spray can hair. My monster has a tanned complexion with brownish white eyebrows. Cannibal Bowling has football-like eyes. They are made with a thin brown line with blue circles and black dots in the center. Her eyes are bloodshot. She has an oval mouth with puke green, yellow, teal, red, light and dark brown teeth. The inside of the mouth is black. My monster is wearing a pink tank top. Her right arm is up; the left arm is down. She is holding a head with long brown hair, red oval eyes with blue circles and teeny tiny black dots in the middle. Its complexion is darker than Cannibals. The head has a mouth. It is wide open like a scream with a red tongue in it. It has a black line down the center. Below the head in the hand, there are red, pink, and black lines coming from the neck. There are red droplets of blood in the air. It leads to a dripping puddle of blood on Cannibal Bowlings arm. Behind the monster is a midnight blue background. Typed on the bottom left hand corner is the name Cannibal Bowling in white with !!! at the end.

Cannibal Bowling-RD by Jennie.jpg (41242 bytes)
Undertaker.jpg (36012 bytes) Undertaker, by Anthony
Undertaker is mostly yellow and is very square. The Undertaker has two round eyes and has very big teeth. He has black shoes with very skinny yellow arms and legs. The Undertaker also has a black belt with a square buckle and a black dot in the middle. He also lives under water so the background color is blue. There are white bubbles from his belt area down. On the side of the undertaker is his house with a little door and a window.
Undertaker-RD by Rachel.jpg (43720 bytes)
Baby Monster.jpg (29090 bytes)

Baby Astronaut Monster, by Kaitlin
My monsters oval face is surrounded by a white space helmet .She has brown hair with a pink bow and pony tail . She has round blue eyes with black eyelashes. She has a dark red mouth with a light red tongue hanging out. In the mouth are two white fangs one to the right of the tongue and one to the left. She has a light pink dress that covers her whole body. It is outlined in black. There are flowers on the dress. The flowers have purple-pink petals with yellow centers. In the dark blue sky there is a round red planet on the right side with orange square dots inside it and a green ring around it. There are white stars all around the place. They look like big asterisks. There is an orange sun on the left side of the picture with orange rays. This is my baby astronaut monster.  

Baby Astronaut-RD.jpg (24581 bytes)
Gabriela.jpg (18977 bytes)

Gabriela, by Natalie
My monster is the shape of an octopus but it doesnt have eight legs, it has seven. The shape of the head is a jagged circle and it is red. It has a crown like an angel overlapping the top of its head. The crown is the color of flames, yellow with a red wiggly outline. It has one light pink eye in the middle of the top of its face with a dark blue dot in the middle. It has a horizontal football-shaped dark pink mouth. In the middle of the mouth it has an oval-shaped uvula (the hanging piece of flesh at the back of your throat) coming out and a pink tongue sticking out also. It also has sharp white teeth. Its wavy legs are yellow with a red outline. On the bottom of the legs there are solid red circles 
for feet.

Gabriela-RD.jpg (24007 bytes)
Cobo.jpg (76618 bytes)

Cobo, by Denise
My monsters name is Cobo. She has a big round light yellow head. She has a half smile with two triangle teeth point facing down. She has one eye with a big black pupil. She has blue wavy hair at the back of her head. Her left arm is purple and her right arm is pink. She wears a black vest with a little red flower on it. Her boots are green and big. She was standing on a rug, with many bubbles all around protecting her. The bubbles look like spray paint. They are pink, purple, blue, red, and black.

Cobo-RD by Jasmine.jpg (44108 bytes)
Pig Nose.jpg (19796 bytes)

Pig Nose, by In Hee
          My monster has a head the shape of a baby blue circle with a darker blue outline around it. He has a wide dark blue neck . On the top of his head he has five curvy gray hairs sticking up. His only eye is a red triangle near the top of his head and the eye has a slighter darker red outline around it. The eye has purple dots on the red outline. He has a blue pupil with a purple dot in the middle. His nose is shaped like a pigs nose. His nose is pink and has green nostrils each with a blue dot in the middle. It has a green outline. He has an evil grin on his face. His mouth is purple and has white teeth outlined in black.  On his chin he has 12 blue hairs. His body is a wide, yellow, rectangle. It has two dark red stripes going down. His arms are narrow orange rectangles that are sticking up in the air.

Pig Nose-RD by Jessica.jpg (20932 bytes)
Ovalman.jpg (45393 bytes) Ovalman, by Max
          My monsters name Ovalman. He is just a head.  It is an oval head with lots of brown dots all over its face. The color of his face is black. He has three eyes. Two are green and the one in the middle is yellow. Each eye has one pupil except the one in the middle. It has four pupils. He has a purple hat that looks like a plate with a black center. He has a blue rectangle in the middle of his forehead but his hat is covering half of it. He has pink glasses with three eyeholes. He has a green triangle nose with the point facing down. His nose has a black dot in the middle. He has little green hairs coming out of the side of his nose. He also has a gold earring going through his nose. He has two upside down Us as ears. They have a gray outline with a red inside and in the middle of that is a black spot. Each ear has five earrings. His open mouth is oval. It is light blue with four red triangle teeth all pointing to the middle. He has a brown beard that ends about one inch away from his ears. It goes down about one inch away from his chin. He has a lot of black hairs in his beard.
Ovalman-RD by Danielle.jpg (21418 bytes)
Purple Lobster.jpg (38232 bytes)

Purple Lobster, by Tim
My monster looks like a purple lobster with 2 big purple legs in front and 2 big purple legs in back.  The front legs have 2 gold claws.  The back legs each have a single long gray nail.   My monster is facing you and looking at you. It has a big mouth shaped like a football.  Its wide open. You can see its teeth. They are small but sharp. There are pink gums around its teeth. You can see the red tongue and the red back of its mouth as well. You can see its round black and white eyes that are on the side of its mouth. The body is behind the head, its long and round.  It is purple with black spots on its back. There are four sharp silver spikes on the back end of its body. It also have six small yellow legs. There are three on each side of its body.

Purple Lobster-RD.jpg (38868 bytes)
Roboto.jpg (11585 bytes)

Roboto, by Gary
My monsters name is Roboto. Its head is a dark red circle with black spikes coming from the left ear, right ear, and the top of his head. His eyes are dark blue upside-down triangles. His mouth is a yellow rectangle with three lines dividing it into four equal parts. His neck is yellow. His body is a brown rectangle. His arms hang down and are a dark green. He has two spikes on each hand that are a slimy green. His left leg is purple and his right is dark blue. They are both rectangles going down.

Roboto-RD.jpg (24011 bytes)
Scare.jpg (17835 bytes)

Scare, by Kristina
My monsters name is Scare. He has a brown, oval head, with no hair. His square, left eye is blue, and his round, right eye is a purple. There are two V-shaped antennas on top of his head that are both located directly above its two eyes. He has a big, ellipse shaped yellow mouth. A narrow yellow, disk is between his square body and his oval head. My monsters light-green, square body is rounded at the corners. He has a brown X going through body that reaches the corners of his body. Four oval light blue legs are connected at the bottom of his body. He has bird wings arms that are attached on the outside of his body. Each arm has these three colors; light blue, dark blue, and light green, that are drawn with thick lines (in that order left to right.)

Scare- RD.jpg (32610 bytes)
Sky.jpg (7725 bytes)

Sky, by Elizabeth P.
This monsters name is Sky. My monster has a sky-colored, circular, blue head. He also has no hair. He has human-shaped eyes, but they are rounded at the ends. Its pupils are jet black. A small round orange nose is at the center of his head. Magenta is the color of his overstretched u-shaped mouth. His neck is a thin blue line. It is the same color as his head. The body is a dark indigo color, the shape of a long rectangle. His arms are triangles sticking out from the body.  The bases of the triangles are on his body. They start at the shoulders and run halfway down the body. They are the same color as his head. 

Sky-RD by, Noemi.jpg (50625 bytes)
Tony Cone.JPG (20997 bytes)

Tony Cone, by Joan
My monsters head looks like a cone head.  It is dark blue. He has a scar on the pointy top part of his head. He has one thick black eyebrow shaped like a big letter V. His eyes are round. The top halves are blue eyelids. The bottom halves are green with red snake-eye pupils.  He has three black oval-shaped nostrils going up and down. He has a small black goatee on his chin. He has an evil grinning angular yellow mouth. The angle points down to the right. His teeth are showing. They are also sharp. They are yellow too. He has big purple elf ears. He has a red tie and a white shirt. He has a grey coat  with grey pants. His shoulders are pointing up. The coat and pants have black lines going up and down. He has black shoes pointing left and right.  He has pointy hands that are green. He has white nails.  Joan

TonyCone-RD by, Paul.jpg (33631 bytes)
Elmo.jpg (13819 bytes)

Elmo, by Dilian
My monster has a round, light-blue face. It has one bright green eye in the center of its forehead. A black, thick circle surrounds it. His mouth is a rounded rectangle with a black background and white sharp teeth that look like zigzag lines. Red streaks highlight his short, black hair which looks like a short black carpet on the top of his head. A light-blue square neck is attached to his head. Its light blue body is a shaped like a rectangle. A red x is drawn from corner to corner on its body. It has 4 pig-like feet that are bright green. It has blue, square, short arms with hands that look just like its pig-like feet!

Elmo-RD by Amelia.jpg (21093 bytes)
Flame Head.jpg (20624 bytes)

Flame Head, by Moiz
My monsters face is bright green and shaped like an oval. His neck is a bright green rectangle connecting his body to his head. His half circle grinning mouth has large, white rectangular teeth, outlined in black. He has a four flame fire on top of his head which looks like four horns coming out. The fire is red, orange, and yellow. His eyes are white upside down half moons and his large round pupils are black. His upper body is shaped like a regular human and he is wearing a royal blue shirt. He has four red spikes sticking up from each of his shoulders, like giant shoulder pads . His hands are just three red spiked fingers pointing down. His legs are bright green the same color as his head and neck. Each leg is separated and spaced apart like he is riding on red roller skates made of three red spikes pointing down like his fingers (the left leg goes out left and the right legs goes out right). Behind him is a grey road with yellow solid lines on the right and left of the road, and a broken yellow line down the middle. The road is like a triangle starting at each bottom corner and disappearing behind his neck. The rest of the background is black. 

Flame Head-RD by Matthew.jpg (19232 bytes)
Devil.jpg (34351 bytes) The Devil, by Gregory
          My monsters name is The Devil.  The head looks like a basketball with a straight bottom.  His head is bigger than the body. He has red horns sticking out from both sides of his head like ears. The nose is round and red with two white holes on it for nostrils. Its eyes look like footballs, but the ends near the horns are bigger. His pupils are long black ovals.  He has wrinkles around his eyes and a dark red wavy line across each cheek.  His claw-like brown hair is like a cap on his head between the red horns.  The hair has black lines running through it. He has thin red lips that are rounded. His mouth is open and grinning with his white teeth showing.  He has a dimple on his chin.  His arms are sticking straight out from his body. Each hand has 3 pointy fingers and 1 pointy thumb. He is wearing a red jumpsuit.  he has a red tail. He is also wearing a black cape. Some of the side of the cape is flipped over so you can see the red on the other side. He has black shoes.
The Devil-RD by Eva.jpg (31948 bytes)
Money Monster.jpg (25272 bytes)

Money Monster, by Yeon-Jin
My monsters name is Money Monster. This monster loves money. The monsters body is a dark green rectangle standing on its short end and has a $ sign on it. On each corner it has a light green cent sign on it. Almost all of the colors are green. The arms are pretty short. Its right arm hangs down. Its left arms goes up. The arms are white outlined in green. The monster doesnt have a neck. Instead, it has a pointy white beard. Its head is a circle outlined in green. The legs are white triangles with the points going down. It has a crown on it with 3 points. On each point of the crown there are sky blue dots. It also has a bag in its right hand that has a $ sign on it. The bag is a green circle. The bottom half of the background is sky-blue. On the bottom of the sky-blue it says, MONEY in dark green letters. On the left top corner is the $ sign. On the right hand corner is the cent sign. That is my Money Monster!!

Money Monster-RD by Alex.jpg (48950 bytes)
Jester.jpg (30268 bytes)

The Jester, by Joseph
The Jester has an oval shaped red body with his name, "The Jester" written on it in black. It has 2 heads attached to it with 2 long necks. His left neck is black, his right neck is red. His heads are shaped like the letter "U". Each head has a scar. Each head has one mouth that has fangs with blood dripping down his left neck. Each head has a red jester hat that is outlined with black. The hats are the same with 4 wavy finger like red things sticking up. The points have a gold bell on the top. He has triangular shaped eyes that point inward. The pupils in his eyes are  red. For ears he has two bolts on the outside of its heads, like "Frankenstein". The one on his left is colored red and the one on his right is black. It has four legs. His right leg is red. The next one is black. The next one is red. The last one on his left is black. He has two arms that are both black. The one on your right is holding a decapitated head by the hair. Blood is coming out of its mouth.

Jester-RD by Frank.jpg (18993 bytes)
Doom Devil.jpg (20581 bytes)

Doom Devil, by Lance
My monsters name is Doom Devil. He has a round, red head that has a devilish, toothy grin. He has tilted rectangular eyes that are wider toward the edge of his head. They have big black pupils that make him look cross-eyed. He has a triangle-shaped chest with the point of the triangle facing down into a very narrow waist. He has triangular shoulder armor. It looks like this < and >, colored in silver. His arms are hanging out to his sides. He has 5 large silver triangular claws on each of his hands and feet. His body and arms are the color of blood and his legs are a darker red. He has an octagonal shaped buckle connecting his chest and the lower part of his torso. It is golden with a "D" in the center that is red. His torso below his belt buckle looks like a triangular red skirt. He has gray spikes sticking out of his lower torso area on the sides. He has long, curved, brown horns with blood on the tip top of each one. That is all about Doom Devil. Lets see how much they look alike when we meet. Peace out!

Doom Devil-RD.jpg (33804 bytes)
Circle Kid.jpg (27432 bytes)

Circle Kid, by Elizabeth O.
My monster is a big, white bubble outlined in red. Two small oval-shaped eyes are (north to south direction) on the bubble protruding upward off the head. The inside of the eyes are white with red outlining, and the pupil is blue with red outlining. The nose is blue with a red outline, and it is in the shape of a small oval ( west to east direction). The mouth is a smiling red line. The stick-like arms and legs are blue and short as are the fingers and toes. There are three fingers on each arm and three toes on each leg.
Under my monster are five different sized buildings: two fatter ones on the end, then two shorter ones, and a taller one in the middle. The windows have both lights on and lights off. The windows that have lights on are dark yellow. The windows with no lights on are black. They all have black, short antennas. The background or the sky color is all dark blue. There is a sun is in the left top corner. The sun is yellow with an orange outline. The suns rays are short and yellow. There is a street below the city, and it is black with white paint marks like this: -- -- -- -- . 
My monsters name is Circle Kid.

Circle Kid-RD by Gage.jpg (19508 bytes)
Leviathen.jpg (23230 bytes)

Leviathen, by Augustine
My Monsters name is Leviathen. My monster looks like a blue sea snake.  It is curled up like the letter O with the head sticking up to the right. The Monster has a horn on the back of its head. Its head is shaped like the head of a Pterodactyl. It has a long oval eye with a long black pupil inside. It has a tail with a three large triangular brown spikes on the end of the tail. Its right and left tail spikes are bloody red. It has a purple-colored band around its neck. It has a red line running through the middle of the body starting from the purple neckband to the tail. Also it has sharp pointy sky blue colored wings coming from its back starting just below the purple band.

Leviathen-RD by James.jpg (23270 bytes)
Mutate.jpg (19080 bytes) Mutate, by Michel
My monster looks like a black egg, but it has a beak that is red on top and yellow on the bottom. It also has two red eyes and pupils but it is yellow around the pupil. It has two pointy ears that are yellow and red. Mutate has two wings that are spread. Its wings are red and have yellow and black lines on them. On the red part of the beak it has two lines in the middle. Its legs look like a chickens but they have a pattern of first red then yellow horizontal bands going across them. It has three claws on the bottom of each leg. It is chained to 
a brown wall. 
Mutate-RD.jpg (46845 bytes)
Mermaid.jpg (32288 bytes)

The Mermaid, by Kimberly
My monster is a mermaid. Her head has a flat top with eight green electric eels for hair. Her eyes are beautiful cat eyes, but deadly green with black pupils. She has two very sharp teeth. She wears a gold necklace that contains all her strength and power. She wears a blue bathing suit top and has super sharp black nails. Her body is curved like the letter u. It is dark green with light green scales on it. She is in the water. There are white bubbles and some green plants around the bottom. My monsters name is Mermaid.

Mermaid-RD.jpg (41119 bytes)
Evil Elf.jpg (23478 bytes)

Evil Elf, by Evyn
           This picture is an evil elf who is eating presents.  He stole Santas uniform. His head is round and his body is green with pointed feet, fingers and ears. He also has red eyes. The monsters outfit is red with a black belt and yellow dot for the buckle. His hat looks like Santas.  The elf doesnt know there is a bomb in a present with 5 seconds on the clock. There is also a Christmas tree that is decorated and has presents by it. The star is lighted up with lines going out from it too make it look more shiny.

Evil Elf-RD by Amy.jpg (29376 bytes)
Microman.jpg (19051 bytes)

Microman, by Julia
My monsters head is an upside down triangle. Its body looks like a long narrow light blue rectangle going down. It is outlined in red. Its arms are like sticks coming out of the stomach. They are both red. At the tip of each arm is a hand that looks like a small cloud. The right hand is green and the left hand is pink. The legs are coming out of the bottom of the rectangle, near the corner. The legs are not shaped like a stick. They look more like thin tubes. Its right leg is dark green and the left is light green. Above his left leg is a thick yellow squiggly tail--like on a pig. The part of the leg that is the knee is really the parentheses symbol. Its right foot is a small red circle. The left foot is a brown circle. He wears a black bowtie. Its head is a dark blue triangle, pointing down. On top of the head there is an orange line across the triangle with seven purple lines sticking up like hair. Its eyes are white circles outlined with pink with brown pupils.  He wears glasses that are red. The earpieces are green. The nose is a small yellow triangle with a line coming down through the middle. Below the nose is a pizza-shaped mouth. The circle is white and the criss-crossing lines are light green. Above the head is a yellow halo. On the left side of the head where an ear would be is a black line coming down with a rectangular-shaped yellow earring. The other side has just a brown dot. A large brown arrow is coming through the head on an angle pointing up to the right. The arrow is brown but the triangle tip is orange.

Microman-RD.jpg (22317 bytes)
Crazydude.jpg (20856 bytes) Crazydude
My monsters name is Crazydude. He has a round shaped head that is brown. He has three round green eyes that are at noon, 9 oclock, and 3 oclock on his face. They have a black circle in the middle. He has a mouth with fangs with red to outline his lips. The inside of his mouth is a white rectangle with two triangular white teeth( outlined in black) pointing downward. He also has a round yellow nose, and he has ten purple lines shooting out from his all around his eyes. Crazydude has a neck like a regular human. Crazydude has no legs. He has a white T-shirt with green polka dots and four sleeves, outlined in blue. He has 4 skin-colored hands that are shaped like mittens.


Crazydude-rd by Desiree.jpg (34554 bytes)


4-Eyed Monster, by Sherell.jpg (25477 bytes)

4 Eyed Monster, by Sherell
This monster has brown, spikey hair, 6 ears-three on each side of its head. His 4 eyes form a straight line. One eye is lookin down, one is looking up, one eye is looking straight and the other eye is looking right. His mouth is a very thin, wavy line. Hes a little chubby and he is wearing a blue sweater, which is kind of torn at the bottom. 4 Eyed Monster has 5 fingers on each hand. The pointer and his thumb are triangular, and the rest of his hand looks like a square, that is missing the bottom. He has a belt on his pants. There are two pockets, near his hips. He has a pocket on each knee. His pants are very short - they go up to his knees. His toes look  like little squares. His name is written on his blue sweater.

4 eyed monster - inhee.jpg (17865 bytes)
In Hee
Amy's Monster, by Amy.jpg (33086 bytes)

Amys Monster,  by Amy
My monster has a round face, like a normal human being. He has one big eye , like a big fat hot air balloon. He has three wrinkles on his face thats as wavy as an ocean's tidal wave. The wrinkle on the is long, the middle one is a bit shorter, and the bottom one is almost the same size as the first wrinkle. He has two mouths. One on his right side and one on his left. It looks like a banana, but separated a little. The mouth on the left side, of the viewer, is shaped like a triangular slice of pizza. He has a short neck that looks like a potato chip with a fat body that looks like a round tale. He has another face on his stomach which is a small eye that glows in the dark. He has a wavy mouth, like the wrinkles on his face. He has a belt to keep his long pants up. He wears big clown shoes, without goofy designs.

Amy's Monster - Augustine.jpg (21218 bytes)
Catman, by Rachel.jpg (29746 bytes)

Catman, by Rachel
The name of my monster is Catman. It has a round face with tiny ears on the top of his head. His left ear is larger than his right one. The right half of his face is blue, the left half of his face is red. Catman has a thin body, the right half of his body is green and the left half of his body is purple. There are red dots on his body. Catman has oval shaped  eyes that are blue and bloodshot. Catmans teeth are spiked and yellow. Catman has tiny bit of spiked hair between his ears.

Catman - Tracey.jpg (11747 bytes)
Clueless by Katie.jpg (30859 bytes)

Clueless?, by  Katie
It has reindeer antlers and a round head, with sunset colors and elephant ears.
It has a light bulb hanging off its head, a toucans beak and a long red frog tongue with green spots.
The neck is that of a giraffes and its body has rainbow scales and its huge wings have many colorful feathers.

It has cheetah legs and a whale's tail, with a circle at the end of each flipper that is purple and pink with rainbow spikes.
My monster is cute, yet sometimes it's mean.

Clueless is really cool and when you draw it, you'll see what I mean.

Clueless - Joseph.jpg (41226 bytes)
Dalkin Gisnin, by Juliann.jpg (143866 bytes)

Dalki Gi-Shin, by Juliann
Dalki Gi-Shin is the kind of mouse that would scare you, but at times she can be a nice, normal little mouse that could be your best friend. If you're mean, or steal something from her, like one of her favorite belongings, then she can be vicious. Dalki Gi-Shin is very cute, when she isnt mad. So dont make her mad. Let this be a warning to you!
Dalki Gi-Shin lives in a tiny mouse hole that is really like a small cave, in Europe. She eats berries and other fruits, such as, oranges, bananas and apples, but her favorite berries are strawberries.
She doesnt speak like other mice. She speaks French mouse talk. French people understand what she is saying, but they think its very weird for a mouse to talk. Other mice also understand Dalki Gi-Shin, too. This is because she speaks both French and mouse language at the same time.
Dalki Gi-Shin is a very nice, little mouse, once you get to know her. Shes really friendly and gentle, if youre nice to her. Her skin is pretty colorful, but it is also combined with ordinary mouse colors. Dalki Gi-Shin says, Hi, to all of you people who are interested in learning more about her.
Dalkin Gi-Shin has pointy ears that have pink centers.  She also has a pink triangle for a nose.  She is winking her left eye.  The other eye is a large, black oval.  Dalkin Gi-Shin has two arms, with tiny fingers, and two feet, with tiny toes. Her entire body is gray. She wears a gray, pink, yellow, orange, black and green striped robe. Her feet stick straight up on top of her head.

Dalki Gi-Shin - Alice.jpg (8910 bytes)
Fellow, by Luke.jpg (9044 bytes)

Fellow, by Luke
This fella is named, Fellow. He is a very simple creature. He has a head with two sharp horns on either side of his head, that are curved downward. His body is really just a long tentacle. He has one yellow eye in the center of his head. His entire body and head are graphite colored. Never go near his eye, or you will surely fry!

Fellow - Garry.jpg (9526 bytes)
Francis, by Frank.jpg (39969 bytes)

Francis, by Frank
Francis has silky, sky-blue fur. He has spiked blue hair on the top of his head. He has a red mouth with three white, perpendicular teeth showing. Francis wears glasses, with wire frames. His outline is rather jagged. He has three toes on each of his two feet and three toes on each of his two feet.

FRED.jpg (38922 bytes)

Fred, by Taylor
My monster looks weird and mean but is really nice. My monster has a head that looks like a bubble letter X. The head is black with a red outline, and has pinkish purple bangs. On his head he has green spots with white strips. His mouth is big and red, with a really friendly smile. He has fangs sticking out of his mouth, with white ice cream cones on them. His eyes are pink with white spots.
His body is a very unusual shape, is light blue, with oddly shaped purple spots. He has black claws on all four of his paws.
My monster rests in a background of dark, scary circles.
My monster is a nice monster even though he looks mean. Hes really nice, so dont make him look too mean, but dont make him look too nice either. He is supposed to be scary monster, after all.

Fred - Moiz.jpg (35271 bytes)
GWENDOLYN.jpg (31693 bytes)

Gwendolyn, by Randy
Gwendolyn is a very colorful monster. Her head is pink. She has a large, round blue eye. She also has four round, colorful holes  in her head, that she use for hearing. On the top of her head there are six sharp, pink spikes that are outlined in green and blue. She has sharp white teeth that are outlined in blue. Gwendolyn has one yellow arm and hand and another green arm and hand. There are five fingers on each hand. She has a large round body, which is purple on the outside and dark blue on the inside. One of her legs is orange and the other leg is pink. Both of her feet are yellow.
Gwendolyn also likes to sing. This picture of Gwendolyn was drawn, while she was singing, Oops I Did It Again.

Gwendolyn - Evyn.jpg (17071 bytes)
Hairy Harry, by Jennie.jpg (40956 bytes)

Hairy Harry, by Jennie
He has spikey hair, like a rock star. His head looks like a hut. Hes 4 inches tall and 2 inches wide. His two arms are 1 inch long and 1/4 inch wide. His legs are 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. His mouth is squiggly, asif he was frightened. His cross-eyed eyes are very small. His hair is very colorful - pink, orange, blue, yellow and green.

Hairy Harry - Max.jpg (19225 bytes)
Hip-Hop, by Matthew.jpg (45702 bytes)

Hip-Hop, by Matthew
Hip-Hop is the name of my monster. Hip-Hop has the head of a rabbit. His head is blue and is facing you. Hip-Hops rabbit ears are blue and each has a pink oval in its middle. The tip of each ear is purple. Hip-Hop has two gigantic yellow whiskers on each side of his face. Coming out of the top whisker, on each side, is an orange lightning bolt. The lightning goes near the top of his ears. Hip-Hops body is facing the viewers left. Hip-Hop has two small, green hands, each with three fingers. The hands have claws on the fingers. Hip-Hop has no arms. In the two hands, Hip-Hop is holding an axe. The blade is silver, while the handle is brown. Attached to Hip-Hops middle back is a sword, in its sheath. The sword is silver, while the sheath is brown. Hip-Hops body, from his neck down, is like a tree, with its top cut off. His body is purple and his feet are the trunk of the tree. His trunk is purple. Hip-Hop has a long orange tail. Hip-Hops tail starts down close to the bottom of his body and goes up and out towards the viewers right. At the end of Hip-Hops tail are bushy hairs, like on a donkeys tail. Coming out of Hip-Hops tail is a long, red scythe. The scythe starts right to the left of the bushy end of the tail. The scythe goes up to the lower half of Hip-Hops ear.

Version 1
Hip Hop - Elizabeth P.jpg (13852 bytes)

Elizabeth P.


Version 2
Hip Hop - Elizabeth O.jpg (20463 bytes)
Elizabeth O.

Kaity by Melanie.jpg (28517 bytes)

Kaity the Monster, by Melanie
Kaity has a pink hat with 3 black stripes going down, and 3 stripes going across. She has a round white head, and blue horns/ears
with flowers on the top. The horns have two dots on each horn and they are yellow and dark blue. She has a black eye with a tiny white pupil. And the other eye is slightly larger than the other one, and is purple with a black pupil. Above the black eye is a straight eyebrow and the other eye has a squiggly eyebrow. The mouth is a little like a jack-o-lanterns mouth,but it has no teeth. The lips have a purple outline and inside the mouth is a lighter shade of purple. Kaity has a green upside-down, triangle-shaped body with black, blue, and dark pink squiggly lines in it. The legs are black and they have a red horn sticking out of each of them.

Kaity the Monster - Michel.jpg (11970 bytes)
Kwackster, by Sara and Allie.jpg (63778 bytes)

Kwackster, by  Sara and Allie
Kwackster has a snake-like body, with a cat-like face. Her body wide near her head and gets narrower at her tail. She wears a skin tight body stocking that is a multi-colored plaid, with a matching hat. She has large yellow ears, with pink centers. Kwackster has black, curly whiskers, a pink tongue and cute black and pink eyes. She has a strange blue beard, at the bottom of her chin. She flies through the air with her swirly, propeller hat.

Kwackster - Anthony.jpg (12788 bytes)
Louey, by Alex.jpg (30471 bytes)

Louey, by Alex
My monsters name is Louey. He has a thick, silver horn on the top of his head. Under his horn, he has three not so perfect circular eyes. Two of his eyes are where peoples eyes normally are, and his pupils are little purple balls. His third eye is located on his forehead, and its pupil is a green triangle. His mouth is shaped like a football held the way a person would throw it. It has sharp green teeth. Next to the mouth are three whiskers on each side. The body is shaped like a shield on the left side and is red. The right side of his body is blue. The rest of his body is symmetrical. On his shoulders he has two long thin spikes-the left red and the right blue. He has two long arms, which have seven fingers on each arm. He has four brown tarantula legs and four little yellow feet on the bottom of his feet. He has a green, thin neck attaching his head to his body.

Louey - Kimberly.jpg (13900 bytes)
Mad Dog, by Unnamed Artist.jpg (31837 bytes)

Mad Dog, The Unnamed Artist
Mad Dog is a bounty hunter from space. He wears blue pants and yellow rings with spikes on them, around his shoulders. He has a black X on his chest and another one on his back. He has green skin and two sets of blue wings on his arms. He has a black patch on his right pant leg. He has black spikes on his knees, elbows and wrists. He has many sharp teeth and an orange horn on the tip of his snout. Last, but not least, he has a triangle-shaped eye and one large, green spike attached to his head.


Mandragoran, by Gage.jpg (33758 bytes)

The Mandragoran Monster, by Gage
This Mandragoran Monster has a sun-like shape on his face. This monster has torn up flesh. It has blue pants and no shirt. Its about one foot tall. He has one eye that is open and the other eye is closed. One foot is bigger that the other one. One ear is cut in half. His skin is half yellow and whit. He has really strange, square teeth. His head is very round. He has a little bit of hair on the top of his head that is the color of graphite.

Mandragoran Monster - Tim.jpg (17501 bytes)
Not-So-Scary by Esther.jpg (17393 bytes)

Not-So-Scary, by Esther
Not-So-Scary is about eight inches long and about half an inch wide. At the top, it curves, then goes straight down eight inches. Not-So-Scary has a small yellow Afro hairdo. He is striped diagonally, black and white. About two centimeters down, from the middle of his body, Not-So-Scary has a big mouth. His upper lip is the biggest, while his lower lip is a thin sliver. His mouth is partly open, and you can see little sharp white teeth sticking out. Not-So-Scary has five feet! His main foot is the one that ends his eight inch long body. It is just a horizontal base for his body. This is also striped black and white. Two other feet are found on the lower part of his body, sticking out from the right side. The feet have red high heels and are spotted, with yellow dots, and  a blue background. It is the same for the last two feet, except they are sticking out from the left side instead of the right side. Not-So-Scarys arms are about two inches down from the top of his head (not his hair) on each side of his body. The arms are striped black and blue. His arms are curving up, and his hands are each holding on eyeball, with a blue retina. Now you know why I named Not-So-Scary, Not-So-Scary.

Not So Scary - Denise.jpg (20219 bytes)
Patriotic Flaky-Natasha&Naomi.jpg (22444 bytes)

Patriotic Flaky, by Natasha & Naomi
This monster is very excitable. He has 8 straight, arrow-like arms that point out in all directions. Its arms are outlined in black. One arm is dark blue, another is dark red, another two are a lighter shade of blue, one is red and blue striped, another is red, white and blue striped and the last one is red, white and blue squiggles. He has a round central body that looks a little like the American flag, except this monster has glasses.  He also is smiling.  He flies around among the stars, out in space.

patriotic flakey - gregory.jpg (22625 bytes)


Spine-dra, by John.jpg (63879 bytes)

Spine-Dra, by John
The Spine-Dra, when fully grown can reach the size of a large dog. The only place they are known to live is on the Storm Island, named this for the fact that it rains there a lot. At the edge of the land shelf, which is pretty far out, there is a barrier reef. There is so much static in the air, from the storms and bad weather, that communication is impossible. Spine-Dras hatch from eggs, within 2-3 days. After being laid, the eggs are the size of a large rat and are purple, with orange splotches on them. Because the electrical storms radar and sonar are useless. Ships have a tendency to crash onto the barrier reef. When the Spine-Dra start to find pieces of the wrecked ship on the beach, they use their wings, which are half the size of the Spine-Dra, and take to the air. They start patrolling the beaches, for survivors. When they find a survivor, they signal back to the others of its kind. They land and then with two tubular projections come out of its back and point forward. The Spine-Dra will then launch tow poisonous spines at the their target. The poison is a fast acting nerve toxin that will cause the nerves of its victims to disintegrate. After their prey has been killed, the Spine-Dra will use its blades (their fingers are iron blades that can flex in certain areas) to tear the body into bite-size pieces. Once it is done, it will spear the bits with its fingers and walk back to its cave.   Spine-Dras have a snake like tail with bony projections that, when wiggled, will propel the creature forward. Spine-Dras are reddish-brown in color, except for its wings, which are straight brown. Because of the fact that no one has survived an encounter with the Spine-Dra, they are a basically a myth to humans. But now we know the truth about the Spine-Dra. 
Spine-Dra is brown and reddish brown, with huge, black eyes and a triangular body. He has wings that are shaped like a bats wings. He has long, skinny arms with large, black claws instead of fingers. He has no legs. His body just tapers down to a long, thin tail, with many tentacles. He stands at the top of a cliff, amid a violent storm, searching for wrecked ships.

Spine-Dra- Natalie pea.jpg (20217 bytes)


Shadow, by Charles.jpg (32683 bytes)

Shadow, by Charles
My monsters name is Shadow. His head is round with red horns on the top. He has red eyes and a smile that goes from one end  to the other. His teeth are red. Shadow has a purple line that crisscrosses his eyes. There is a big black spiked sword in his right hand and a red claw with spikes in his left hand. Shadow has large wings outlined in purple. Shadows body is thin. He is wearing black pants and red boots. His upper body is gray.

shadow - Kaitlin.jpg (16546 bytes)



Squiggle, by Cynthia.jpg (29160 bytes)

Squiggle, by Cynthia
My monsters name is Squiggle. He has a round, green face, with spiky, purple hair. The shape of his head resembles a pineapple. He has oval eyes, with LARGE, brown pupils. He has two short lines for a nose. His mouth is a little circle, with a short, squiggle, pink tongue sticking out of his mouth. His body is turquoise. He has purple polka dots all along his body, except on his head. He has an oval on his belly, which is light blue. Squiggle has long arms, with fingertips as round as balls. He has no legs, but he does have feet. His legs are attached to his body. The tips of his feet are round, too.



Mutated Thing, by Justin.jpg (39234 bytes)

The Mutated Thing, by Justin
My monster is 14 long, from horn to tail. He has two green horns on his orange head. He has a blue jaw, with blood red teeth and an orange tongue. His neck is striped with green, then with alternating blood red bands and black bands. The bands contain poison gasses. On its back it has bloody red spines. Its body is tan. It has flippers that are green, with a horn on each flipper. There are four flippers that he uses for legs. He has a gray tail, with two black spikes at the tip.

3-Tailed Wolf Squirell, by Nick.jpg (24978 bytes)

Three Tailed Wolf Squirrel, by Nick
Hey, the creature has a skinny, long body. The leader of the pack has two more spikes than the followers and carries daggers and sometimes a stolen scimitar. These animals usually hunt in packs of between 3-11 animals. The Three Tailed Wolf Squirrel hunts in grassland areas and are sometimes mistaken for an overgrown, deformed squirrel or a wolf.
Head - The head is skinny, but becomes larger at the end of the ears. Imagine a wolfs eyes and fuzzy ears. Thats this animals eyes and ears. I will be describing the Three Tailed Wolf Squirrels profile. Hes not string at you, so dont worry. The length of the head is 1-1 1/2 inches. Its nose looks like a dragons nostrils with a scar under the eye. Its eye is 2/3 of the way to the right. The ears are on top of its head. Its mouth is slightly open. All you can see is his short, choppy teeth, which are black.
Neck - The neck slants slightly downward. 
Its 7/8 inch long and its 1/2 inch wide.
Arms, Legs & Body - The body is peanut shaped One part of the peanut holds the arms and the other holds the legs. The whole peanut body is 2 1/2 inches long. In the muddle of the body it becomes skinny.  He wears a belt with a dagger. There's a big black spike on his back. There are two long arms near the chest. One arm goes down and bends up to the chest, like a V. The part going down is two inches in length and is 1/2 inch in width. Its fingers are curled up with pointed nails. Both arms are very furry. The dagger it carries looks split apart, with spikes on it. Both legs are bent in a crouching position. The thighs are 3/4 inch wide and 1 1/2 inches long. The bye the knee there is a spike. Its feet look like they have birds talons, because they are so sharp.  Each foot has two spikes on the front and one spike on the back. The length of the feet are one inch.
Tail - On the buttocks there are three bushy tails. Each with a black stripe. Each tail is 1 1/2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide. He looks like hes crouching with an arm raised up and bent, holding a dagger.

Three Tailed Wolf Squirrel-TimGuo.jpg (40258 bytes)


time monster.jpg (23659 bytes)

The Time Monster, by Rachel
My monster is the Time Monster.  It is a pocket-watch.  First draw a circle and then another circle around it.  Color in the small space between the two circles yellow - this is the rim.  Then draw a small rectangle on top of the rim and color it black.  In the big circle (the face), draw numbers around the edge, as a clock would have, in black.  Then draw two ovals for eyes right below the spaces between the 11 and 12, and the 12 and the 1.  At the bottom of the ovals, draw circles and color them black.  Make a mouth stretching from the 5 to the 8 and put square teeth in it.  Then put a dot in the middle of the face and draw clock hands coming out of it, making the time 6:05.  Do this all in black.  Next make hands (real ones) come out from the sides of the rim.  On the right side, make a watch chain in a vertical oval that reaches from the 1 to the 5.  Make that yellow.  Color in the face light gray.  Draw little black boots coming from the bottom of its rim.  Also, make pendulums coming down from the bottom in orange, reddish-purple, blue, and purple.  Make 9 in all.  Then, as a final touch, make two zig-zags from the top of the rim and up in purple.  Then add purple dots to the top of them.



Tye-Dye-Kiki by Christine.jpg (39261 bytes)

Tie-Dyed-Kiki, by Christine
She has a multi-colored rectangular head, made up of red, white, blue, green, light blue and dark blue.  Her ears are blue-topped purple triangles resting on a vertical row of purple hexagons, five on the left, six on right.  Each top hexagon contains a large orange circle. She has a pair of purple antennae in the shape of hexagons, each topped with a  small purple ball. Her ice cream-cone-nose and comma shaped mouth are contained within a white circle on her rectangular face. She has a pair of purple hexagonal antennae on top of her head, each topped with a purple ball. Her body is also a hexagon and is outlined in blue and black. Her arms are covered with a pair of socks. There is a purple triangle near her left arm. Her feet are yellow and brown, with pink and blue swirls on them.

Tie-Died Kiki.jpg (16336 bytes)


Vampi, by YeJung.jpg (34401 bytes)

Vampi, by Ye Jung
Vampi is a dangerous monster. She is very vain and very sensitive.  If you offend her, she will seek revenge by sucking your blood.  But if you comment her she wont suck your blood, well, not yet anyway.
Head and Face
She has purple hair, which she changes to many different styles.  She has small blue freckles and blue eyes.  Her small fangs are poisonous and usually blood red. She has a normal nose with large nostrils, used to find her prey. Her head is about as large as a normal persons.
Body Description
Vampi is medium sized and skinny but very strong.  She is always dressed in the latest fashion. She usually steals her clothes from stores. She is very pale. She has claws instead of nails and fingers. She can run very fast. She is native to Transylvania, but is currently living in New York.

Vampi-Valerie.jpg (17382 bytes)