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January 21, 2011

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This week in math we will review for the 3A quiz. In writing we continue to work on expository writing. In Social Studies we will learn about hieroglyphics and the Rosetta Stone. Be sure to ask your child about the Crack the Code activity we completed in class. In reading we finish Science Friction and start book chat #2, a project that will culminate with a trip to LMS.  We will begin Week ten of science fair.  The winter concert is on Thursday and International day is on Friday.
All due dates are in bold.  * indicates that the item is due the next day.


IRB Folder - Mon; read, record, and post it *
Read book chat book * - 3/1



Unit 2 Test (List 6-10) Wed; study *
BTW final draft Wed


3A quiz Tues; study *
worksheet *


Week 10 Wed (Finish experiment, write conclusion, title page, bibliography. Make a rough draft of your display board.)

Relative Time worksheet - Fri
Science fair rough draft 2/2

Social Studies

Caribbean Island Map Wed
Rosetta Stone worksheet - Thurs


Study *


Box tops *
MAP Permission Slips - *

Upcoming events

1/24 International Festival
1/25 PTO Meeting @ 9am & 7pm
1/27 Board of Education Meeting @ 7:30pm
1/28 6th Grade Spelling Bee


Heres the link to your Math textbook.  Get homework help, parent resources, play games, and review key concepts! (No keyword necessary.just find the correct chapter and lesson) Math text book 

Parent Resources for math textbook  ID: student 10591; password: v6f6h

Practice for the NJASK Study Island

King Tut