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January 20, 2011

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Independent Reading Book Log (IRB) due every Monday. All students must read for 20 minutes, 5 times a week. The form must be signed each day by a parent and returned on Mondays.  Each week this will be a test grade.




 Finish handout we were working on today


 workbook pgs. 66


Spelling may be different this year then in the past.  Students are required to learn not memorize 5 new words a week.  They need to learn the correct spelling of the word, the part of speech, and the definition given - all of this information is provided on Tuesday morning.  In addition, tests are cumulative - meaning there may be words from prior tests on the current list test.




Heres the link to your Math textbook.  Get homework help, parent resources, play games, and review key concepts! (just find the correct chapter and lesson)                             

Math text book Username: gstudent497 Password: z8b3y

Homework Help (no username needed)


workbook 3.6




Science Fair - follow the timeline

By now your should have your Question, Research, Hypothesis, and List of Materials typed for your rough draft.  You should be working on your experiment and recording your results.  Make sure you are working on whatever charts/graphs that you will need.  Your bibliography should be finalized by now.


Science Fair websites - lined on the homepage - Online Learning - S for Science

Weathering and Erosion

Social Studies


vocab/notes - Friday


International Day -

Country: Cuba

International Day Resources

Country Reports Site - Username: evgschool   Password: evg2010


What is plagiarism?

References Help

Intro Video



Family Life





Find your strengths

Check out Pangaea


Understanding Lava Flow

Coroner's Report: Pompeii

Pompeii Images

Write Your Initials in Cuneiform



 Please complete all homework in the appropriate place.

Important Dates

1/28 Spelling Bee