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Room 110 ~ First Grade ~ 1C

Today is...

Thursday June 9, 2011 (6-9-11)

9 more days until the end of first grade!

E.V.G. + Class 1C News!

  • June 21 and 22 are 12:00 dismissal days! NO LUNCH - BRING IN A SNACK!

  • Report cards go home on the last day of school - June 22!

  • Great job to Tais and Ian and all the first grade contestants for Trivial Pursuit!




Reading: reading log (20 minutes or more)

*Read for at least fifteen minutes record it on your reading log. After you read a story retell the story to someone in your family in your own words. Tell them about the characters and what you liked about the story or didn't like. Tell them whether the story was informational text, fantasy, or realistic fiction. Try to make a connection to the story. What does it remind you of? Has anything like that ever happened to you? Does it remind you of a different story you know?

Spelling: spelling tic-tac-toe

*Go through all of our word wall words and make sure you can read them all. Make flashcards of the ones you have trouble with and practice them.

Math: NO homework!

*Practice counting coins in you piggy bank or ask mom and dad for change from their wallet and count how much there is.

Writing: reader's response - use the book from your reading log to write about


  • capital letters, magic C (our favorite magic C bunny), lower case letters

  • Diver letters ( p r n m h b)

  • writing on double, single, and triple lines

Reader of the Day

Week of June 5 (Monday - Friday) --JONAH KEREM TAIS RINKA CHRIS

*please have your child prepare by practicing reading the story aloud at home multiple times*

Center Activities

  • Spelling: bossy r & www review with chalkboards
  • Social Studies: transportation comparison
  • Blocks: build with blocks/Legos
  • Science: windmills
  • Math: fact triangles


Please read WITH your first grader every day for 15 minutes! Reading builds confidence and fluency! Ask your child to re-tell the story with a beginning, middle, and end or about their favorite part of the story and why! Have them write in a journal! Have fun together!

We met in our smaller guided reading groups and read independently with Ms. C. Guided reading will continue throughout the whole year and focus on various reading strategies/skills including context clues, letter and sound relationships, word structure, and word attack skills.

Weekly Story: "Time For Kids: On the Go"

Spelling and Phonics

Please have your child complete their spelling homework by themselves, with assistance with word wall words if necessary. These words, along with previous spelling words, should be spelled correctly. Developmental spelling of unknown words, or inventive spelling, takes advantage of a childs natural curiosity about the written word. The process itself builds confidence, because the accomplishments come through the child's own efforts. The negativity and fear of being wrong is taken out of the equation by focusing on the process, instead of the final result. Allow your child to sound out tough words! It is exactly what we do in school!

New phonics sound:review

Word Wall Words: before come some use now once

Word Building: every week we use consonant blends, endings, digraphs, and short/long vowels combinations to build words with emphasis on our new phonics sound.

Writing and Grammar

Grammar concepts: * sentence structure, statements, questions, exclamations, nouns, plural nouns, irregular plural nouns (tooth - teeth), proper nouns, main idea, past tense (ed), verbs, possessive ('s), contractions (I'm, he's, she's, it's, don't, won't), compound words, antonyms (opposites), synonyms (same), pronouns

We read Leo the Late Bloomer and wrote about how we have "bloomed" since September!

Touch and Feel Books: Check out the following link of 1C and Pre-k! http://lab.evgschool.org/10-11%20EVG%20Happenings%20Pages/First%20Grade%20Authors/First%20Grade%20Authors.htm


IMPORTANT CONCEPTS TO CONTINUE PRACTICING AT HOME WITH YOUR FIRST GRADER: TIME (o'clock, half past, quarter after, quarter before, digital time to every 5 minutes) MONEY (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar) EXCHANGE for fewer coins 2 FISTED PENNY ADDITION

Keep practice time to every 5 minutes with a digital clock! Also, try skip counting by 25 to practice counting quarters.

Today we had fun making kites and showing different ways to make a number.

Social Studies/Current Events


and Science (PLANTS)

Social Studies:

This week we will learn all about transportation. Can you name 5 different kinds of transportation? Think about it. We will also learn how transportation has changed throughout the years!


This week we will begin our last science unit on PLANTS!! We began learning about how a seed travels throughout the seasons and what happens to it!

What does a seed need to grow? Can a seed grow with NO SOIL? We started our first experiment on Monday! Let's see what happens! Our second experiment: if a seed does have soil how fast does it grow?

Important Information!


Library: Return you library book by Tuesday!