Ms. Graziano's Homework Board





June 8,2011

Classroom Message


Tonight for homework we have writing. Please see below for more details. Have  a great night!


 We learned how to write our homework assignments in the EVG Daily Planner! Please review this planner with your child to make sure all homework assignments are complete.


Important Dates


Specials Schedule



Important Dates in October

* 9- Trivial Pursuit @ 9:00am

* 16- 6th Grade Graduation @ 6:30pm



Important Dates in October

Monday: Library and Gym

(Please remember to wear sneakers and return your library books.)

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Spanish

Thursday: Computers and Art

Friday: Gym (Please remember to wear sneakers.)









A notice was sent home explaining the daily spelling homework. The homework will be the same every week. Please complete the spelling homework in your spelling journal. When writing the sentences, please skip lines and write each sentence on a separate line.  Thank you!








Social Studies



Family Life



Mrs. Elkhechen would appreciate if you could send your child to school with an extra notebook. This notebook will be used to take Spanish notes during class on Wednesday. Thank you!




If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to E-mail me at . As always, thank you for your support.