Copy and paste the world map below into Paint.

Draw a line for the Equator and another for the Prime Meridian. Label them.
Locate the coordinates below with a red dot.
Type the name of the city next to the dot.

(Don't forget to put your name on your map.)

Beijing: 40N, 116E Jakarta: 6S, 106E London: 51N, 0W Lima: 12S, 77W New York: 40N, 74W
Cape Town: 34S, 18E Cairo: 30N, 31E Seattle: 47N, 122W Moscow: 55N, 37E Tokyo: 35N, 139E
Hong Kong: 22N, 114E Sydney: 34S, 151E New Orleans: 30N, 90W Nairobi: 1S, 37E Los Angeles: 34N, 118W