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The Great Barrier Reef is an amazing and beautiful site on the north-east coast of Australia.
It contains the world's largest collection of coral reefs, with hundreds
of types of coral and thousands of varieties of fish and mollusks.
Scientists are always interested in this beautiful underwater location because many creatures
that live there are threatened with extinction.

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Galapagos shark



horseshoe crab



Tiger shark

clown fish

moray eel
blue ring octopus

Label the states, territories, capital, etc., of Australia on the map below.

Australia to label
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory - Canberra is the capital city of Australia - located in the southeast of Australia in the Australian Capital Territory.
Coral Sea - The sea to the northeast of Australia.
Great Barrier Reef - A huge coral reef off the northeastern coast of Australia.
Indian Ocean - The ocean that borders Australia on the west.
New South Wales - A state in southeastern Australia (the capital of Australia is in New South Wales).
Northern Territory - A territory in north central Australia.
Queensland - A state in northeastern Australia.
South Australia - A state in south central Australia.
Tasmania - An Australian state and an island off the southeastern coast of continental Australia.
Tasman Sea - The sea to the southeast of Australia.
Victoria - A state in far southeastern Australia.
Western Australia - A large state in western Australia.

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