Mum's the Word in Grade Six!

The first step in mummifying a body was cleansing. To "cleanse" our bodies, we peeled the skin of the eggplant. The Egyptians removed all of the organs, except the heart and the kidneys; we just took out some parts
of the eggplant!
Here we see that the eggplant's "organs" are being removed in the
mummification process.
Students make canopic jars for the mummified
This canopic jar has the head of a Falcon;
good job Kamal!
Students prepare gifts
for the Ka (spirit).
Our eggplants will have food, weapons, furniture, and clothing in the afterlife. More gifts for the Ka. Our mummified eggplant, complete with amulets for the afterlife! A mask was placed over the mummified
Ms. McEvoy can't
hide behind this beautifully
decorated sarcophagus!
Our mummified eggplant is buried in its sarcophagus withjewels and a throne Our eggplant mummies will be laid to rest in this famous EVG pyramid!