Grades 3 and 4 Math Enrichment and Review

Area and Perimeter

Perimeter Practice
with Adam Ant

Funbrain Perimeter Perimeter Explorer Perimeter of a Rectangle  

Perimeter of a Rectangle

Area of a Rectangle

Area of a Square

Perimeter of a Square

Area Explorer   Area of a Rectangle  
Shape Explorer Use a ruler to calculate area and perimeter
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Area and Perimeter
Word Problems and Open Ended Qu's




Name the Fraction Visualizing Fractions Equivalent Fractions    
More or Less than Half Lowest Terms      


Patterns and Sequence

Missing Number in a Sequence 1 Missing Number 2 Missing Number in a Sequence 3 Number Cracker  
Color Patterns        


Names of Polygons        

Mixed Review

Converting Roman Numerals to Arabic Matching Clocks Elapsed Time


Angles and Protractors Instruction and Practice        


The Ruler Game Metric Units for Measuring Metric Units for Measuring Practice Customary Units for Measuring Customary Units Practice
Metric Units Mass        

Test Practice
Chapter 1 - Number Sense
Chapter 2 - Number Sense/problem solving
Chapter 3-Number Sense/problem solving
Chapter 4-Multiplication
Chapter 5-Money/word problems
Chapter 6-Measurement problems
Chapter 7-Fractions
Chapter 8 Decimals
Chapter 9-Graphs
Chapter 10-Geometry
Chapter 11-Division
Chapter 12-Graphing

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