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The Moon and the Earth seen from space

Moon Facts

  • The moon is our only satellite.

  • The moon revolves counterclockwise around the Earth.

  • Like the Earth, the moon rotates on its axis.

  • The moon revolves around the Earth in about 28 days.

  • The moon rotates once on its axis in about 28 days.

  • The same side of the moon is always facing us because the moon rotates and revolves at the same speed.

  • The moon is about 240,000 miles from the Earth.

  • The diameter of the moon is about 2,000 miles.

  • Every month, the moon makes one trip around the Earth.


1. What is the diameter of the moon?
2. How far is the moon from Earth? miles.
Round your answer to the nearest hundred thousand.
3. In what direction does the moon revolve around the Earth?
4. How long does it take the moon to revolve around the Earth?
5. How long does it take the moon to rotate on its axis?
6. If the moon is rotating on its axis, why do we always see its same side?
7. What do we call the period of time in which it takes the moon to make one complete trip around us?
8. The moon is our only .