Grade 6

Instructions for your cube:
Open Word.
Click Insert>Text Box.
Right click on border of text box. Choose "Format Text Box".
Click the tab on the top for "size".

For the sides of your cube, set the text box size to 4.8 X 3.9.

For the top of your cube, the size should be 4.25 X 4.25.
You may also choose different borders and border colors for your text box.

4.8 X 3.9

4.25 X 4.25

These websites will be extremely helpful getting author information.

Children's Literature Guide
Children's Literature Web Guide
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature
Children's Authors
Falcon Scholastic Kids Reads
Rutgers Paperback Edutech
Teaching Books ALA (Newbery) ALA (Caldecott)

The links below will open in Word. If you use these links below, you may have to adjust your text box size.

Author Cube Bottom
Author Cube Side

The files linked below will open in Adobe Acrobat.
They are for the author cube sides and bottom.

Author Cube Side
Author Cube Bottom

Click this Adobe picture link if you need a free download of this product.

Adobe Systems, Inc.

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