To calculate a batting average, divide hits by at bats
Answer should be made to have 3 decimal places.

Example:  2 hits out of 5 times at bat = 2/5 = .400

The good news don't have to do any math. 
Just learn how to put the formula on a spreadsheet!
For the spreadsheet below, in cell D2, type the equals sign. 
(That tells the computer a formula is coming.) 
Then type B2/C2 and press the Enter key.

This is what the entry in cell D2 should look like:   

Practice on the spreadsheet below, but first study the entries for each player. 
Who do you think had the best batting average in each league? 
Do the calculations and see if you were right.

Now study the spreadsheet below which shows the total hits and at bats
for each of the top teams on each league.
  Which team looks like it will have the best average?
Do the calculations.

Create your own spreadsheet in Microsoft Works.   This time you will be calculating the batting averages of individual players on the Yankees and on the Mets. 

Use the information below for the YANKEES:
PLAYER                             HITS             AT BATS

DAVID JUSTICE                           150                          524
BERNIE WILLIAMS                      165                          537
JORGE POSADA                          145                          505
PAUL O'NEILL                              160                          566
SCOTT BROSIUS                         108                          470
TINO MARTINEZ                           147                          569
JOSE CANSECO                          83                            329
DEREK JETER                             201                          593
CHUCK KNOBLAUCH               113                          400
JOSE VIZCAINO                            67                            267

Use the information below for the METS:
PLAYER                             HITS             AT BATS
MIKE PIAZZA                              156                            482
EDGARDO ALFONZO              176                             544
ROBIN VENTURA                     109                            469
DEREK BELL                             145                           546
BENNY AGBAYANI                   101                           350
BUBBA TRAMMELL                 65                             245
LENNY HARRIS                         58                             223
REY ORDONEZ                          25                            133
TODD ZEILE                              146                             544
TODD PRATT                             44                            160