Celebrate Conservation

                                                           What is conservation?                                                    


Conservation is the careful use and management of our natural resources in a way that protects both environmental health and access to those resources for future generations. New Jersey is rich in natural resources that we can use and enjoy...and conserve!

Soil conservation is the best way to make sure that we have the land we need to live on. If you see your soil eroding, protect it with grass or plants. If you see something that's making the soil sick, do everything you can to make the soil healthy again.

Learn about soil with S.K.Worm. Click here. Then answer these questions below.

1. Name 4 things of which soil can be made.

2. What is parent material?

3. Give an example of how weather can make soil.

4. On which horizon will you find S.K. Worm?

5. Worms don't like to be too hot or too cold. Which weather is worse for them, hot or cold?

6. How do worms breathe underground?

7. Name a nutrient that a plant would like to eat?

8. Name one way roots help soil.

9. How many years does it take to form one inch of soil?

10. How do windbreaks help farmers?

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