The Earthworm

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Can you complete this chart?

Part of Worm's Body


This is where the work happens. I use any stones that I've swallowed and the strong muscles of my gizzard to grind up the leaves. These muscles work almost like teeth.
This is a storage compartment for my food and other things I swallow. From the crop, my lunch goppes to my gizzard.
Once I have my food good and wet, I push it down here, then onto my crop.
I push my throat out of my mouth to grab leaves and to pull them back into my mouth. Then I get them nice and wet with my saliva. What is my throat called?
Whatever is leftover comes out of this part as castings or worm poop.
When a leaf is digested, it will go here.
Once I have the leaves all ground up they move here where the digestive juices break them down even more.

Now copy and paste this diagram into Paint. Then label the parts of a worm.