Click the pyramid below to learn about

 "The New Food Pyramid"

Click "My Pyramid Plan" and calculate your nutritional needs.
Complete this chart to show the amount of food from each group you should eat each day.


Meat & Beans

Visit the California Dairy Council website for lots of information and a pyramid game.

Visit HOOAH 4 HEALTH for an Interactive Guide to the My Pyramid Plan

Go to the GRAINS page and find out...
1. Foods made from , , , , and are considered part of the grain group.
2. Give 4 examples of foods that are grain products. , , , and .
3. What does "whole grain" mean?
4. Why are some grains "refined"?  
5. How are grains refined?
6. If a grain product says that it is "enriched", what does that mean?
7. What counts as an ounce? Give 3 examples. , , and .
8. Click on "Tips and Resources". Read about grains and write at least 4 interesting facts you learned.
Make sure you read the section called:
What to Look for on the Food Label.
9.Scroll down on this page to find this picture:    Grains Food Gallery   Find examples of grain servings. What serving amounts surprised you? 

Learn more about the other food groups by clicking vegetables, fruits, milk, and meat & beans. What new and interesting facts did you learn about each group?




Image of Pyramid  Copy the blank food pyramid below into Paint.
     Color and label each food group.
     Add the number of servings you need below each label.
     On Drive S you will find a folder with pictures of foods for each group.
     Click Edit>Paste From ....and open the food folder on Drive S.
     Pick foods to paste into each section of the pyramid.


Now that you know what your nutritional needs are, have fun playing this game:
MyPyramid Blast Off Game