Grammar Review

I. Sentence Types:
Write an example of each sentence type listed.
1. Declarative (Telling) 

2. Exclamatory 

3. Interrogative  (Question) 

4. Imperative (Command)

II. Complete Sentences:
A complete sentence tells a complete thought.  Mark the complete sentences below.
My son has an important game tonight.
When he comes to visit us next week.
After the sun comes up next Wednesday.
The cat is here.
All the people who entered the building last.
Some of us can go.
What a big girl!
How much you have grown!
When all the leaves have fallen off the trees.
Each and every person who attended the conference.

A complete sentence has a subject and a predicate. (Do you know the difference between a simple subject and a complete subject?)
After each sentence, write the simple subject and the complete subject; the simple predicate (verb) and the complete predicate.

My oldest sister visited us last week.
The children in the park played nicely together.
My best friends from school came to my party.
We had a giant garage sale.
A very strong wind blew the tree down.

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