Greek Architecture

"Why are we fascinated with ancient Greece?"

"Greek culture - its myths, theater, architecture, and sports - has influenced and inspired people for centuries, even millennia! We see the evidence of ancient Greece around us every day - in the constellations we identify in the heavens or the Olympic games held every four years; in the stories we tell and in the movies we see; in the architecture of our houses, churches, and public buildings and in our democratic system of government."

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Click here to learn more about Greek architecture. Then label the orders
below, either Corinthian, Ionic, or Doric.

Go to Corbis and search for pictures of the buildings listed below.
Zoom in to learn which order they belong to.


Supreme Court
White House
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
U.S. Capitol
Jefferson Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

Activity #1:
Copy and paste each style of Greek column into Paint.
Draw and label each order.

Activity #2:

View pictures of the Parthenon and the Acropolis.

NW from NW rec
Nashville Parthenon

Learn more about the Parthenon at these links: