Math Resources on the Internet                   

Silver Burdett Ginn Math Exercises

    All grade levels.  These lessons coordinate with the chapters in the SBG math textbooks.

SBG Activity and Answer Sheets - for the lessons above - grade 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Harcourt Activities for Parents and Teachers

Harcourt Math Advantage - Parent and Teacher View - Grades K-8

Harcourt Math Advantage - Just for Kids - Grades K-8


Harcourt Math Resources and Activities for Students

 A+ Math Flashcards
    These flashcard games cover the 4 basic operations, rounding, and square roots.  
    You can also print out your own flashcards.

A+ Math Worksheets
    These worksheets can be done and scored online, or you can print them out. 
    Many areas of math are covered, the 4 basic operations, fractions, decimals, counting money, order of operations, and basic algebra.

A+ Games
    Matho (timed math and bingo), hidden picture games, and concentration.

Math Flash
    Interactive practice with 4 basic operations.  You pick the operation and the level of difficulty.


Cool Math 4 Kids
   Lessons, games, and fun stuff for all ages.

Rick's Math Web


    Get a piece of graph paper from Rick.    

IDEAS:  Copy and paste Graph Paper #2 into Paint to create an Indian-style design, a repeating pattern, or a line or bar graph.

    Or click here to go directly to another piece of graph paper.


     Interactive units converter

Funbrain Math Baseball Game

    Pick your operation and your level of difficulty.

Funbrain Change Maker Game

    Count up to make the correct change.

Funbrain Number Cracker

    Figure the next number in a series.

Funbrain Soccer Shootout

    Fractions and whole numbers

Funbrain Tic Tac Toe Math

    Play against the computer.

Funbrain Line Jumper

    Click on points on a number line.  Pick level of difficulty.

Funbrain Guess the Number

    Try to guess a number based on too low--too high hints.

Funbrain Guess the Number Plus

    Same stuff, just harder.

Funbrain Cookie Dough

    Practice spelling number words.

Funbrain Fresh Baked Fractions

    Click on the fraction that is not equal to the others.

Funbrain Math Car Racing

Funbrain Power Football

Funbrain What's the Point?

    Practice with graphing skills

Funbrain Measure It

    Practice with measuring in centimeters and inches.

Funbrain Penguin Waiter

    Practice calculating the correct per cent tip.

Funbrain Shape Surveyor

    Practice with area and perimeter.

Funbrain Place Value Puzzler

    Practice with place value and rounding.

Discovery School Puzzlemaker Math Square  

                  Math formulas are linked together to form a square.

Discovery School Puzzlemaker Number Block
   Creates a block of numbers that will challenge arithmetic and algebra skills.
                             Each row, column and diagonal add up to a total but some numbers are missing.

Discovery School Web Math

Click on a problem solver, enter your math problem and click for an explanation of how it's done and the answer.

Discovery School Web Math Story Problems - Grades 3-8


Me and My Math

Numbers, place value, basic operations, fractions, number lines and laws of arithmetic---with quizzes!