NJASK Review
February 2008

Area and Perimeter
Word Problems and Open-Ended Questions

4 Operations Word Problems-grades 3-5

Find Hurkle
Practice with coordinates

Lost Aliens
Coordinates on a Graph-negative included

Discrete Math
Click the first link below
and copy the picture into Paint.

Billy's Burger Fantasy Questions and Tree Diagram

Solve It! Math Videos
Provide problem solving practice for students in grades 3 to 6. Basic operations, algebraic reasoning, money, fractions, percent, perimeter, area, proportional reasoning, and measurement.

Shape Explorer

Adding Time
Elapsed Time

Count the Money

Venn Diagram Shape Sorter
You make the rule for each circle.

Guess the Angle

Fractions: Identifying shaded parts of a circle

Fractions: Sectioning and shading in parts of a square

Fractions: Find Grampy - Visualizing parts of 1 whole.