Grade 3

Interactive Math Virtual Manipulatives
Pattern Blocks
Reading Practice

Ordered Pairs
Which ordered pair gives the location of the blue dot?

A. (7, 9)

B. (7, 8)

C. (8, 7)

D. (15, 15)

Location of Ordered Pairs

Write the location of each dot on the graph below.
Red = Green = Orange =
Light Blue = Pink = Dark Blue =

Nice Moves!

What motion was used to move the triangle below from A to B?
a. a slide
b. a flip
c. a rotation (turn)
d. It was not moved by any of these motions.

Buying Carpet

Mrs. Ames wants to buy carpet for the room shown below.

How much carpeting does she need to buy to cover the floor area?
a. 140 sq. ft.
b. 92 sq. ft.
c. 48 sq. ft.
d. 24 sq. ft.


How many faces does this shape have?


Through which letter could a line of symmetry be drawn? F G M J

Similar and Congruent

Which statement is true about the two shapes shown below?
a. They both have 6 sides.
b. They are similar.
c. They are congruent.
d. They are both hexagons.

More Area and Perimeter

Carefully examine each of the three rectangles shown below.





= 1 square cm

Calculate the perimeter and the area of each rectangle above. Label each answer.


And Even More Area and Perimeter Practice

Examine rectangles A, B, and C below.
Calculate the perimeter and the area of each one.
Complete the chart below. Don't forget to label your answers.

6 ft.


5 in.



2 in.


25 in.


Covering Box Tops with Paper
The pink and orange rectangles below are the tops of gift boxes.
You want to cover each of them with fancy paper.

  • Which box top, the pink or the orange will require more paper?

  • How much more paper will you need to use?

33 cm

2 cm

12 cm

5 cm

The Staircase

You are building a staircase like the one above out of cubes.

1 step = 1 cube
2 steps = 3 cubes
3 steps = 6 cubes

How many cubes does it take to build a staircase that is 6 steps high? Explain your answer(s) and your thinking.

Measurement Problems

1. A sunfish weighed 20 ounces. How much more or less than 1 pound did the fish weigh?

a. six ounces more than a pound
b. four ounces less than a pound
c. exactly a pound
d. four ounces more than a pound

2. A flower bed is 3 yards long. How long is the flower bed in feet?

a. 12 feet
b. 8 feet
c. 10 feet
d. 9 feet

3. A toy car is 4 feet long. The length of the car is

a. exactly one yard long
b. one foot shorter than a yard
c. one foot longer than a yard
d. two feet longer than a yard

4. Sara is growing a plant for a science project. Which of the following units would be the most appropriate for measuring the height of the plant?

a. liter
b. meter
c. kilogram
d. centimeter

5. Which unit should be used to measure the length of your pencil?

a. meter
b. liter
c. centimeter
d. gram

6. Which unit should be used to measure the length of a soccer field?

a. inch
b. yard
c. gallon
d. mile

A fine addition to your jungle motif, this candle holder is done up in dazzling animal print safari patchwork. Porcelain. 3 5/8" diameter x 8 1/2" high.

7. A candle is 10 cm tall. If the candle burns at a rate of 2 cm per hour, how tall will the candle be after 1 1/2 hours?

a. 6 cm
b. 7 cm
c. 7.5 cm
d. 8 cm

8. Mrs. Jones filled her kettle with water to make a pot of tea. About how much liquid will the kettle hold?

a. 1 ml
b. 10 ml
c. 100 ml
d. 1000 ml

9. Brittany found an injured bird. She taped its broken wing and gave it some water in an eyedropper. How much water do you think it drank?

a. 1 ml
b. 1 liter
c. 1 kl
d. 1 mg

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