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Language Arts Skills Language Arts Skills Language Arts Skills Language Arts Skills
Persuasive Essay Interactive Map Persuasive Essay Interactive Map Persuasive Essay Interactive Map Persuasive Essay Interactive Map
A Fishy Story Establish a Purpose for Writing Establish a Purpose for Writing Author's Purpose
Compare and Contrast Habit Habit Author's Purpose
Compare and Contrast Contrast Compare/Contrast Author's Purpose
Dig It! Stated Information Stated Information Webquest Hunt
Compare and Contrast WebQuest Stated Information Stated Information Treasure Hunt
Main Idea Mini Lesson Locating Information in Text Cause and Effect Actions Main Idea Mini Lesson
 Main Idea practice Index, Chapter heading, Table of Contents Cause and Effect Book list What's the Big Idea
Webquest about Story Elements Parts of a Book Cause and Effect - Listening Exercises
Reading Comprehension stories Parts of a Book Cause and Effect Reading Comprehension stories
Literal Understanding Cause and Effect Actions Cause and Effect Relationship Lesson and Practice Literal Understanding
Reading Exercises Cause and Effect Book list Multiple Meanings Reading Comprehension
Vowel Phonemes Cause and Effect - Synonym Matching Comprehension through context clues
Parts of a Sentence Cause and Effect Antonym Sequencing Worksheets
English Eggs Cause and Effect Relationship Lesson and Practice Word Jungle Cause and Effect Sheet
Penguins on Ice Multiple Meanings Homophone Challenge Reading Selection
Suffix practice Synonym Matching Adverbs Sequencing Events
Prefix, Root, and Suffix Practice Antonym Matching Word Meaning Sequencing Events
Prefixes Say Plenty Word Jungle Antonym Match Sequencing Stories
Suffixes say Plenty Homophone Challenge Synonym Match Webquest about Story Elements
Monkey Business- Rain Forest Run Around Homonyms Sentence Types Test Tutor
Sequence the Story Adverbs Sentence Sort The Realm of Fairy Tales
Sequencing Lesson and Exercise Word Meaning Sentence Structure Literary Elements
Sequencing Context Clues 2 Sentence Structure Proofreading Makes Perfect
Contraction Practice Antonym Match Verb Phrases Proofreading Practice
Contractions Synonym Match Verb Practice Parts of a Sentence
Fly By Contraction Practice FCAT Vocabulary Building Practice Linking Verbs Identifying Subjects and Predicates
Type the contraction Synonym Game- Verb Tenses Complex and Compound Sentences
Contractions Sentence Sort To Be Combining Sentences  Quiz Two; Quiz Three
Contractions Sentence Structure Be Phrases and Clauses
Irregular Plurals Sentence Structure Irregular Verbs Revising Sentence Fragments
Irregular Plurals Sentence Speedway Gorilla Grammar Sentence Structure Review
Plural Nouns English Eggs Grammar Blast Sentence Sort
Irregular Noun Plurals Past Tense - Present Tense Is this sentence correct- Verb Phrases
Homonyms Verb Phrases Abstract or Concrete Comma Practice
Homophone Challenge Verb Practice Parts of Speech Irregular Plurals
Homonym worksheet Linking Verbs Punctuation Paintball Irregular Plurals
A Feast of Homonyms Verb Tenses Adjective, Noun, or Verb Plural Nouns
Homonym - Word Jumbler To Be Parts of Speech Irregular Noun Plurals
Tooth Tally with Squanky Be Main Idea practice Correct plural Spelling
Synonym Match Irregular Verbs Main Idea Tutorial Synonym Match
Synonym Match Complete Verb Phrases Supporting Details Synonym Match
Synonym Study Vowel Digraphs - Context Clues Synonym Match
Synonyms and Antonyms Vowel Digraphs- Understanding what you read Parts of Speech
Word Balloons Vowel Digraphs Reading Exercises Parts of Speech Quiz
Parts of Speech Gorilla Grammar PowerProofreading Grammar Blast
Parts of Speech Quiz Grammar Blast Proofreading Makes Perfect Word Usage
Punctuation Paintball Is this sentence correct- Characters Word Association
Whaddaya know- Abstract or Concrete Settings Spell Check
Compounds - worksheet 1 Parts of Speech Literary Elements Spelling Check   or  check here
Compounds - worksheet 2 Punctuation Paintball Plural Girls Spelling Practice Grade Six
Alien Scavenger Hunt- Letter Bugs Parts of Speech Spellaroo Aesop's Fables
Alien Scavenger Hunt- Space Trash  Main Idea practice Spellcheck Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Fearless Frieda Main Idea Tutorial Online Spelling Quizzes  
Fearless Frieda the Big Kahuna Supporting Details    
Spell Check Context Clues    
Spell words Understanding what you read    
Spelling PowerProofreading    
Spelling  or  check here Proofreading Makes Perfect Stories Short Circuit    
Books Online Using Suffixes    
  Using Prefixes    
  Plural Girls    
  Singular and Plural nouns    
  Fearless Frieda    
  Fearless Frieda the Big Kahuna    
  Online Spelling Quizzes    
  Stories to read    
  Animal Myths and Legends    
3rd Grade Reading Tests 4th Grade Reading Tests 5th Grade Reading Tests 6th Grade Reading Tests
3rd Grade Reading Sample from IL TX Test 2003 OH Reading 2005 OH Reading 2005
3rd Grade Reading - 2003 OH Test 2005 OH Reading March 2005 - Key OH Reading Grade 7 - 2005
OH Practice Test 2005 OH Writing 2005 TX Reading Summer 2004 OH Writing 2005
OH Reading Achievement Fall 2005 OH Reading March 2005 - Answer Key 5th Grade Reading Sample Test TX Reading Summer 2004
OH Reading March 2005   -   Answer Key OH Writing March 2005 5th Grade Reading Test 2003 Language Arts - 6th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice
OH Reading Oct. 2004  -  Answer Key OH Reading Proficiency Sum.2004 - Key Language Arts - 5th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice  
OH Reading March 2004  - Answer Key TX Reading  Summer 2004    
OH Reading Oct. 2003 - Answer Key TX Writing Summer 2004    
TX Reading Summer 2004 Language Arts - 4th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice    
Language Arts - 3rd Grade Student Performance Skills Practice      
Math - 3 Math - 4 Math - 5 Math - 6
Math Tests Math Tests Math Tests Math Tests
3rd Grade Math Sample from IL   MA  Math Test - Grade 4 - 2005 OH Math 2005 OH Math 2005
3rd Grade Math - 2003   MA Math Test - Grade 4 - 2004 TX Math Reading Science 2004 TX Math Reading 2004
OH Math Test 2005   OH Math Test 2005 TX Math Summer 2004 TX Math Summer 2004
OH Math March 2005 - Answer Key   OH Math Proficiency - Key and Rubric 5th Grade Math Sample Test Mathematics - 6th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice
TX Math and Reading 2004   TX Writing Math Reading - 2004 5th Grade Math Test 2003  
TX Math Reading 2003   TX Math Summer 2004 5th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice  
TX Math Summer 2004        
Math - 3rd Grade Student Performance Skills Practice   MA Math Test - Grade 4 - 2003    
    MA Math Test - Grade 4 - 2002    
    MA Math Test - Grade 4 - 2001    
    Mathematics - 4th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice    
3rd Grade Math Skills 4th Grade Math Skills 5th Grade Math Skills 6th Grade Math Skills
ThatQuiz Estimator ThatQuiz Multiplication Interactive Games Roman Numeral Converter ThatQuiz Product Game Elapsed Time ThatQuiz Evaluating Expressions Rounding off
Reading Grids Comparison Estimator Read and Recognize Numbers Multiplication Online Interactive Games Roman Numeral Interactive Online Games Crack the Code Speed Math Games from the U S Mint Spy Guys Ratio Order of Operations Dividing Decimals
Data Interpretation Games More or Less Estimator Crack the Code Multiplication Tables Analog Clock Flashcards Decimal Order Table Shooter How Much Change- Spy Guys Percent Identifying Place Values Division of Decimals
Graphing Skills Greater or Smaller Place Value Multiplication Analog Time Compare Read and Recognize Numbers Time Tables Emporium Shopping Spy Guys Understanding Integers Finding Place Values Division of Decimals
Reading Bar Graphs Geoboard Decimal Order Number Square Analog Time Difference Place Value Identify Geometric Shapes Change Maker Spy Guys Factors, Prime, Multiples & Prime Factorization Expanded Form of Numbers Complete the number sentence
Graphing Data Identify Polygons Place Value Pick a Number How Much Change- Place Value Identify types of Angles Cash Out Spy Guys  Understanding Graphs Specific Place Decimal addition
Adding Nickels and Pennies Name that Polygon Place Value Pirates QuickFlash Shopping Place Value Pirates Online Angle Lesson Measure it Spy Guys Balancing Equations Place Value in Words and Numbers Estimating by Rounding
Adding Dimes and Pennies Triangle Identification Data Pick Speed Math Change Maker Data Pick Geometry Riddle Area and Perimeter Billy Bug Fishy Fractions Estimating by Rounding
Adding Dimes, Nickels and Pennies Triangle Identification Pie Graph Tackle Math Ball Cash Out Mode, Mean, Median Patterns for Solid Figures Finding the area and perimeter of rectangles and sqares Reading Grids Spy Guys Interactive - Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers Estimating Sum
Cash Out Design Bar Graph Test your Times Adding Change Pie Graph Simple Coordinates Game How Many Pearls Data Interpretation Games Adding Fractions Estimation with a partner
Change Maker Patterns for Solid Figures Billy Bug Time Tables Emporium Measure it Bar Graph General Coordinates Game Area Explorer Graphing Skills Adding Fractions Rounding Off
Counting Money Shape, Space and Measure Line Graph Tools for Times Tables Perimeter Billy Bug Simple Maze Game Perimeter Explorer Using Graphs to Understand Data Subtracting Fractions Estimator
Counting Change Analog Clock Flashcards Area Graph Two-step Computation Area and Perimeter Line Graph Maze Game Shape Explorer Interpreting Data Adding Fractions Comparison Estimator
Discovering Coin Values Telling Time Mode, Mean, Median Angle - Guess the Random Angle Area Explorer Area Graph Angles Estimator Range, Mean, Median, & Mode of a set Multiply fractions More or Less Estimator
How much change- A Matter of Time Reading a Grid Identify Geometric Shapes Perimeter Explorer Reading a Grid Triangle Explorer Comparison Estimator Mode, Mean, Median Multiplying Rational Fractions EstimationValley Golf
Learn to Count Money ClockWise What's the Point- Identify types of Angles Shape Explorer What's the Point Reflective Symmetry More or Less Estimator Collecting and Analyzing Data Multiplying Fractions Spy Guys
Area and Perimeter
Money Flash Cards Matching Time What percentage has been shaded Sorting Triangles Estimator What percentage has been shaded Function Machine Houghton Mifflin Fifth Grade Review Pie Chart Divide fractions Spy Guys Relating Area and Perimeter
Money Count Travel Time Pie Chart Online Angle Lesson Comparison Estimator Pie Chart Fishy Fractions BoxerQuiz Circle Graph Dividing fractions Spy Guys Surface Area of Prisms
Shopping Telling Time Circle Graph Geometry Riddle More or Less Estimator Circle Graph Simple Fractions Grade 5 Math Links Bar Graph Composite and Prime numbers Spy Guys Volume and Displacement
Tutorials to practice coin value Measure it Bar Graph Patterns for Solid Figures Finding the Area and Perimeter of Rectangles Bar Graph Visual Fractions   Spy Guys Probability Prime Numbers Spy Guys Working with Angles
Making Change from One Dollar Perimeter Practice Patterns for Solid Figures Angle Estimator Houghton Mifflin Fourth Grade Review Build a Bug Reducing Fractions   Spinner Fractional Distances Spy Guys
Using Ordered Pairs
SpacyMath Perimeter of a Square Adding double and triple digits Simple Fractions BoxerQuiz Pick a Number Equivalent Fraction Match   Adjustable Spinner Rename Fractions in Lowest Terms Identify Shapes
Timed Addition Facts Perimeter of a Rectangle Arithmetic Four Fishy Fractions Brain Teasers Multiplication Hidden Picture Shade   Two Colors Word problems Simple Coordinates Game
Leon's Math Dojo Measurement Equivalents Build a Bug Fraction Flowers SOL Resources QuickFlash Fractions   Marbles Multiplying and Dividing Fractions General Coordinates Game
Math Facts Estimator Challenge - Number Cruncher Fractions Online Interactive Games Mrs. Renz's 4th grade math site Minute Math Adding and Subtracting Fractions   Probability Fraction Practice Simple Maze Game
Math-O Shape Surveyor Division Practice Visual Fractions   Two-step Computation Fraction Bars   Analyzing game probabilities Calculate percent Maze Game
Multiplication Number Sense Less Than Lake Maze Division Practice Reducing Fractions   Division Practice Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop   Understanding Experimental Probability Using percents Let Billy Bug help you practice
Multiplying Monkeys More Than Marsh Draggable Division Equivalent Fraction Match   Division Lesson Word Problems for Kids   Math Facts Finding a percent of a quantity Identify Polygons
Quick Flash Comparing Two Numbers Leon's Math Dojo Equivalent Fractions   Draggable Division Sock Adventures - Fractions/Estimations, Multiplication, Money   Mental Math Percents and Wholes Name that Polygon
Table Mountain Comparing Number Values Math Fries Shade   Leon's Math Dojo Problem-Solving   Math Mayhem Percent Game Triangle Identification
Who Wants to be a Mathionarie Comparing Numbers Math Mastery Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop   Math Mastery Word Problems   Timed Facts Spy Guys  Decimals Triangle Identification
Basket Math provides rounding practice Sorting with Symmetry Mathmatics Problem Solving Index Fraction Switch   MegaMath Grid Game Word Problems   Mixed Review Spy Guys Solving Problems with Decimals Patterns for Solid Figures
Rounding to nearest ten Line Symmetry Mental Math Word Problems for Kids   MegaMaze Word Problems   Complete the Number Sentence Addition with Two decimals Measuring Angles
Rounding to nearest hundred Number Cracker Minute Math Sock Adventures
Estimations, Multiplication, Money
  Mental Math Word Problems with Leon   Put Whole Numbers in Order Multiplying & Dividing Decimals Classifying Angles
Rounding to nearest thousand Create your own pattern-Instructions on how to use this page in your classroom Multiflyer Word Problems   Multiplication Flash Card Game Analog Clock Flashcards   Greater, Less Than, or the Same Adding with decimals The Pythagorean Theorem
Round the decimal to the nearest whole number Instructions: Using this page in your classroom Multiplication Flash Card Game Problem-Solving   Multiplication Grid Analog Time Compare   Comparing Integers Multiplying with decimals Angles
Estimating sizes of objects What comes next- Multiplication Hidden Picture Word Problems   Adding double and triple digits Analog Time Difference   Order of Operations Subtracting with decimals Angles
Estimating by Rounding Word Problem Practice Multiplication Grid Word Problems with Leon   McGraw-Hill Elapsed Time   Evaluating Expressions Subtracting with decimals Triangle Explorer
Estimating by Rounding               Measure it Perimeter Explorer Pythagorean Explorer
Estimating and rounding decimals               Perimeter of a Square Shape Explorer Squaring the Triangle
Estimating Sum               Perimeter of a Rectangle Extending Patterns Linear Function Machine
Rounding Off               Measurement Equivalents Function Machine Number Cracker
The Seashell Rounding Activity Page               Area Explorer Positive Linear Function Machine Create your own pattern
Estimator                 Word Problem Practice What comes next
3rd Grade Interactive Activities (Content Areas) 4th Grade Interactive Activities (Content Areas) 5th Grade Interactive Activities (Content Areas) 6th Grade Interactive Activities (Content Areas)
3rd Grade English Activities OH Citizenship Test - Key and Rubric 5th Grade Science Test 2003 Map Reading Activities
3rd Grade Math Activities OH Science - Key and Rubric Grade Five Skills Reading Map Symbols
3rd Grade Science Activities 4th Grade Reinforcement Skills Fifth Grade Spelling Activities Latitude and Longtitude quiz
3rd Grade Social Studies Science - 4th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice Interactive Learning Activities How to read a map
3rd Grade Reinforcement Skills Social Studies - 4th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice Middle School Hub Index of topics and quizzes
Science - 3rd Grade Student Performance Skills Practice   Teach R Kids Math National Atlas of the United States
Social Studies - 3rd Grade Student Performance Skills Practice   PowerPoint Shows on Science and Math Topics Middle School Hub
    Virginia Beach City Public Schools 6th Grade Reinforcement Skills
    Fifth Grade Study Activities Science - 6th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice
    Daily Activity Card Archive Social Studies - 6th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice
    5th Grade Reinforcement Skills Grade Six Science Resources
    Science - 5th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice Sixth Grade Science Resources
    Social Studies - 5th Grade Student Performance Skills Practice Science Resources
      Integrating Technology in Science
      Science Resources
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