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Culture Slavery was an accepted institution. Many slaves were prisoners of war, often from neighboring Sumerian cities. Freemen, too, could be reduced to slavery as punishment and parents could sell their children into slavery if they were really broke. If a man were really in serious debt, he could sell his entire family into slavery, but for no more than three years. Selling one's children into slavery was not a common practice; remember that this is the very beginning of cities and the people were still very agriculturally-oriented, so children were a form of wealth. A lot of children was a highly valued thing, and people often adopted children as a form of insurance against old age. This is one of the reasons why Inanna, the fertility goddess, is so important. SCHOOLING
To teach writing it was necessary for formal education to take place; thus the first schools in the world were in Sumer. Schooling was only available to boys. These schools were attached to temples. The teachers (Masters) used harsh methods to encourage student attention and learning. Students had to learn to write correctly through repetitive exercises. While the time at school for a student was difficult, it made available good career opportunities to those completed it.
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4500 B.C.: Sumerian clothing for men consists of a skirt with fringe of long, colorful wool
or two or three bands above each other when the fringe is too short.